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Welcome to the Spring Arts & Gifts Show! Prepare for a fantastic showcase of arts, crafts, and unique gifts. This event is a must-attend for everyone who loves creativity and wants to experience it firsthand.

The Show will be held at the conveniently located Nevada Exhibition Center in the Grand Sierra Resort, a spacious and well-equipped venue in Reno, Nevada. It will take place from Friday, November 29th, 1 pm - 8 pm, and Saturday, November 30th, 10 am - 6 pm, allowing for maximum exposure and sales potential.


Entry tickets are $5 per person. We have an early bird special for FREE tickets until July 31st. Then, we will offer a BOGO sale. Each vendor will receive complimentary tickets to give away.

We are extending a special invitation to artisans, crafters, sellers, makers, and bakers! We are thrilled to invite vendors who sell high-quality art and gifts and present them creatively to join our juried Show. With approximately 80% of our Show comprising handmade vendors, we take pride in showcasing their unique talents. Apply now to secure your spot in this exclusive event! We kindly request that vendors not include occult items or decor in their presentations. Thank you.


Table Space = $175

10x10 = $225

10x10 Corner = $250

Additional 10x10 = $150

Additional 10x10 Corner = $175

Tables = $30

Chairs = Provided

Electricity = $75

Temporary License = $25

Scavenger Hunt Participation = $20

Early Tear Down Deposit = $50

A limited amount of table spaces are available for $175 each. Each table space includes a table with a white tablecloth. Please note that you must use the provided table and cannot use additional media such as extra tables or side stands. However, you can use a backdrop on a stand behind the table to add flair to your display.

A 10x10 booth is $225. Please note that tables are not included in these spaces. A 10x10 corner space is an extra $25. You are free to use the space however you want, including using your own canopy. If you bring a canopy, please note its ceiling height clearance, as it may change throughout the room. Side walls and backdrops are also allowed to make your booth look great!


An additional 10x10 booth is $150 ($175 for a corner).


Please note that sharing a booth is not allowed. Each vendor is required to be present for both days of the event. These rules are in place to ensure a fair and successful event for all participants.

​Two chairs will be provided to each vendor.


Tables are available to rent for $30.

Electricity is available for both days for $75 per vendor. 

High-speed password-protected internet will be provided.

A packet of beautiful advertising materials, including flyers, posters, and social media graphics, will be distributed to all vendors ahead of the Show. These materials are designed to promote the event and attract more visitors to your booth. Along with the advertising materials, you will also receive 20 complimentary tickets to give out, which can help you attract potential customers.

Each vendor is required to pay an early tear-down deposit of $50. The deposit will be refunded if you remain set up from the beginning to the end of the Show. However, you must be present to receive the deposit refund. We will not send out the rebate after the Show. You will forfeit the refund if you fail to show up or set up for the Show.

CODE OF CONDUCT: It is essential to maintain professionalism and respect at all times during the event. This includes treating all event staff, fellow vendors, and visitors with courtesy and respect, keeping your booth tidy and organized, and following all event rules and regulations. It is crucial to show proper respect to all individuals to avoid being asked to leave the event without a refund and not be invited back.

Setup will begin at 7:00 am on Friday morning, and time slots for unloading will be assigned. Doors will open for vendors at 8:00 am on Saturday. You are responsible for your own setup and tear-down. Please ensure that you set up your booth in a professional and presentable manner. It is highly recommended that vendors bring wheeled carts to facilitate the transportation of their items. Please note that the GSR will NOT be providing any carts.

Now, let's talk about the exciting features of our event:

The first 100 individuals who purchase tickets will be given a lovely swag bag filled with goodies from our vendors. Vendors are welcome to contribute to this bag by providing a sample or any other promotional item; we will require 100 pieces.

We will be holding multiple raffles during the event. Vendors are encouraged to contribute items for the prizes.

We are pleased to announce that we have organized a Vendor Scavenger Hunt during the event. Each attendee will receive a punch card, which the pre-selected vendors must punch. After collecting all the punches, they can enter to win the grand prize. This is an excellent opportunity for vendors to attract customers to their booths and increase sales. The participation fee for this game is $20. There are only 16 spots available. 

We will have a lounge area. This lounge area is an excellent spot for shoppers to rest and relax before continuing their shopping and for vendors to take a refreshing break.

A People's Choice Award for Favorite Vendor will be given out at the end of the Show. This award is a great way to gain recognition for your booth and products. So make your booth inviting and your smile bright to win the favor of our guests! The winner will receive a special prize and recognition on our website and social media platforms.


Back to business:

Please note the following important information for all selling vendors:


- You must have a Reno Business License or purchase a temporary two-day license for $25 through our registration process.

- If you participate in more than two shows a year or sell outside of this event (e.g., online or in a shop), you must also have a Nevada Tax ID Number. You can set this up at

You will receive an envelope to submit your tax payment. It is important that you provide the correct amount while submitting. We will not be verifying the amount you submit. In case of any discrepancies, the Nevada Tax Department will contact you for further action. The tax amount is 8.265% of your total sales. Please ensure that you keep accurate records of your sales and report them correctly to avoid any issues with the tax department.

A special food permit is mandatory to sell food or beverage items. All for-sale food items must be pre-packaged for off-site consumption. It is permissible to provide samples only if you have the appropriate licensing. For further food permit details, contact Washoe County Environmental Health Services at (775) 328-2434.

Please bring all the necessary licenses and permits to the Show.

Kindly double-check that the email address provided on your application form is correct. Your acceptance letter will be sent to that address.

Successful applicants have seven days to register. All additional payments must be completed by November 27th.

​​All communication will be via email. Be sure to add me to your contacts.

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